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Pipeline / Powerline Patrol

Paradigm offers all forms of utility service patrols!


Pipeline / Powerline Patrol

Pipeline / Powerline Patrol

Paradigm Helicopters offers all forms of utility service patrols. Paradigm offers your company the reliability of turbine helicopters, with low prices.

Range, range, and more range. This is critical to these patrol missions. Our helicopters have nearly a four hour fuel range. This equates to a considerable savings to the total patrol mission flight time, because you're not continually making time-wasting ferries to area airports to get fuel over and over again.

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Easily inspect lines that cover vast distances from the air.

  • - Incredible fuel range
  • - Jet turbine safety
  • - Lowest prices guaranteed


Aerial inspection allows you to spot problems in remote locations and dispatch repair crews to restore service quickly and efficiently.

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Pipeline/Powerline Patrols
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